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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

1 Rupee Secrets - How to became rich quickly

One Rupee Secret - Rich Boy - Poor Boy, Became rich quickly

This is only and one of the best trick to became rich in India. As you know the rupee is count in India by Rupees, Its the nos of Rupees you have with you is call your money.

There are many people in India they do not have even 1 Rupee in their hand but they are enjoying a luxurious life style all together in their life.

Question yourself - Weather you do have 1 Rupee with you now ???

You may be thinking that you have so much money in your hand, and I am just talking about a single Rupee which is nothing for you. You may be thinking you have Rupees 500 / 1000 with you now itself, How the 1 Rupee is a matter in the subject. How it is so important to have 1 Rupee in our hand. 

Yes !!! One Rupee in our hand is really important. This is the sestet to became rich in India.

Lets talk in details all about it. I just want to start my topic with a small story. There are two friends in a very small village. Both are so close by heart and enjoying their friendship in the childhood together. Going together to the school, helping each other in the difficult time. 

One boy was from a rich family, who was having so much money and enjoying a luxurious life along with his family. Another was a poor boy who was struggling for even a single rupee some times to pay the school fees. 

Follow the rule and dont forget to un follow it.

1. Write all your financial tranctions in a note, before you go to bed.
2. Ensure you are wrinting and calculating all the expences and understading about it.
3. Keen in mind money is different and relation is different.
4. Do not share your money with any one untill you have a clue to getback it.
5. Think 100 times about your money.

Try to use others money more rather use your money. Dont give any credit to any one in life. Incase you are giving - ensure you are doing and begging properly to get that money back as soon as possible.

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