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Thursday, November 19, 2020

How to make money


How to make money ? How to Make money online ?

There are many ways to earn money from offline and online. If you are earning money from internet is called online money, where if you are earing money in your hand from someone is called offline. If you are doing any job you will get salary in your Bank account on montly basis is called offline money. Where as if you sale something in one and get the money in your account is called online money. 

There are tow types of work in the world, one is hard work and anather one is smart work.
You might have seen many people work very hard to earn more money, in fact they are loosers as they keep getting very less money always. That does not meen that we should not do the hard work. 

As simle as that, if you work is perfect and spending your time and effort in an exact direction is called smart work. Just think how you can automate your work to make it simple. Just think how you can deliver more than you work. Just try to kind of multi tasking where your result also will be good always rather keep doing the same work always.

Work can be any thing. If you are a very high profile person that does not mean that you should not do the small work. Its in the other way, if you can do a small job / work then you can do big or important work as well. its as simple as that, its depends on you what kind of work you love to do, just keep doing the same always.

How to became rich ?

To became rich you dont need the money. You need the time and mind. Earning more money is not a matter today, its matter how much you are saving. As you grow up and studdy in the school, you may be getting moeny from your parrent for the pocket money. 

Just think once before you spent a single peny. Money is always money. Keep saving money as much as you need.

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