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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Poverty in India: from the village to the slum

 Its all about the life.... Just make other happy and see the changes in your life.... Belive me , it happens ....

Not only one , there are many cases in India and we have seen this kind of setuation most of the time. 

More than 800 million people in India are considered poor. Most of them live in the countryside and keep afloat with odd jobs. 

The lack of employment which provides a livable wage in rural areas is driving many Indians into rapidly growing metropolitan areas such as Bombay, Delhi, Surat, Bangalore or Calcutta. 

There, most of them expect a life of poverty and despair in the mega-slums, made up of millions of corrugated ironworks, without sufficient drinking water supply, without garbage disposal and in many cases without electricity. 

The poor hygiene conditions are the cause of diseases such as cholera, typhus and dysentery, in which especially children suffer and die.

Poverty in India impacts children, families and individuals in a variety of different ways through:

  • High infant mortality
  • Malnutrition
  • Child labour
  • Lack of education
  • Child marriage
  • HIV / AIDS
Just think about the time, keep helping old age people, where ever is possible keep doing some good social work, I am sure you will see the changes in your life surely.

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  1. There is no value for a farmer, people do bargain a lot, just because he is a farmer and don't know how to quote the best price...