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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Irctc Tatkal Ticket Booking OTP not comming problem solved

Are you facing Irctc Tatkal Ticket Booking OTP not coming problem? 

Are you not able to book a tatkal ticket? 

Do you want to know How to get irctc OTP in time?

Do you want to know how to book irctc tatkal ticket speedily and get confirm ticket?

Are you looking for some Best irctc tatkal software for ticket booking?

 Why irctc OTP is not comming ? Do you need to book your ticket bypass irctc OTP ?

Irctc Tatkal Ticket Booking - 100% Confirmed

Then here are some tips and tricks to book the irctc tatkal ticket without any software and get a confirm ticket.

 You may be facing this issue of Irctc Tatkal Ticket Booking OTP not coming problem on daily basis, this initiative is been started newly by irctc to provide the new facility of ticket booking to public.

 There could be many cause behind it why Irctc Tatkal Ticket Booking OTP not coming, But I must tell you that irctc is trying his level best to help public for this. Unfortunately due to some kind of technical issue the OTP is not coming to the respective Mobile No or receiving the Irctc OTP delay.

 Here are some tips and tricks How to book irctc tatkal ticket confirmed without any software. This trick will help you to book the ticket without any effort and fully automated process.

 Just follow the below instruction very carefully - Trust me you can get the ticket surly!!!

 1. Spped Comptuer Ensure your computer is having good speed. This is very important for ticket booking. You can follow the process here. How to speed your computer?

 2. Speed Internet: This is really matters while you are trying to book irctc tatkal ticket. As the tatkal time starts (10.00 am for AC and 11.00 am for Non AC) your internet should be working in very high speed to handle the hug traffic.

 3. Install Mozila firefox / Google Chrome Browser: This is very helpful to book the irctc tatkal ticket quickly and faster to get the confirm ticket.

 5. Install the extension : Tatkal plus extension is one of the best extension what i found in the current market , I prefer for their quicker support.

 Download the Extension here : Download

 Make the payment Rs. 30/- for one day and follow the steps. If you need some more help you can let us know about it, We can help you surely.

 Note: Here are some tips and tricks to know before you start the ticket booking.

 6. Log in start at exactly 09.57 am for AC / 10:57 am for Non AC.

 7. Ensure your mobile is there with you nearby.

 8. Do not try to book bulk ticket on daily basis as it is stately restricted & Not permitted by irctc.

 9. You can create the new irctc user id if you do not have it.

 10Install TP OTP Mobile App to get the OTP directly from mobile to browser without typing / Pasting. 


Here you can follow the tips and know how it works in details:

 Register Tatkal Plus OTP App

1. Install TP OTP

Download the apk and install it in your android device

Download TP OTP

You can also send this link to your mobile for direct download
You can also download from google drive or share this link

2. Link app to your account

To link your app with your account Scan below QR code from app

 Or manually enter below code


This code will expire in 1 hour from now, You need to link one device only once. No need to do it everyday.

3. Configure details

·         Make sure to save associated irctc username in correct sim. If you have only one sim inserted and not sure which slot is active. Enter same username in both sim1 & sim2. Similar if you have only one irctc account, enter same username

·         If your sim is attached to the bank account & want payment out autofill, check Submit payment OTP

·         If you make any changes, make sure to stop & start again by clicking on bottom below

4. Keep these things in mind

·         TP OTP app should not be killed during booking, else otp will not be received. You can put it in background.

·         Tatkal Plus dashboard (where form are filled) must be kept open for receiving OTP in browser. You can minimize it though.

·         If you make any changes in TP OTP App, like changing username etc., make sure to click on stop & start again.

·         You can safely stop or kill the application after use, so no OTP is sent to the browser.

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