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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Windows 10 Password Forgotten , How to reset Windows 10 Password ?

Windows 10 Password Forgotten , How to reset Windows 10 Password ?

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If in case you have forgotten the windows 10 password then here is the very simple semple steps and commands to reset the windows 10 password.

Requirement : Any bootable CD / DVD/ Usb Pendrive.

This is needed to boot the windows and get the command prompt.

Book the bootable media, start installing windows. 
IMPORTANT NOTE : Before select the Windows 10 Os version , Press Shift +10

you will get common prompt.

Just follow the process as given below : 

cd windows 
cd system32
copy utilman.exe utilman1.exe
del utilman.exe
copy command.exe command1.exe
ren utilman.exe command.exe
restart the windows without boot
click on easyaccess on the user password screen
you will get the command prompt
Follow the same as given here as it is, ensure you are using the same command to avoid the error in the process.

After you restart the windows just follow the screen given below :

How to reset Windows 10 Password

Now you will get a command prompt screen.
Here you can use the command to reset the password as you like.
just follow the process below.
Command : control userpassword2

you will get the screen to reset the passord here.

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