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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Irctc Ticket Booking faster - OTP not coming - Issue Solved

Irctc Ticket Booking - Irctc OTP not coming

Irctc ticket booking was never easy from the day one, and now it is also a very difficult task for a common man to book a train ticket faster. Irctc general ticket booking opens at 8.00 am every day. As per the instructions form Government, the general ticket can be booked just before one month if the tickets are available.

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How to book the irctc train ticket quicker and faster ?

1. You can use the speed computer ensure all the programs are been closed.
2. Ensure you have a good internet speed.
3. You can use the google extension ( Tatkal ticket booking Software Do Not Use
4. Fill the details as you need.
5. Payment gateway selection also can be done by this google extension.

Irctc OTP not coming, How to book ticket without OTP ?

Here is the catch / clue by the Irctc itself. While booking time you may prompt to type the OTP sent by Irctc website.
But here unfortunately you may not get the OTP unless all the tickets are been booked / the dynamic price is high.

You may not get the Irctc OTP atall some time. You can try to book by mobile app or go to nearest counter to book the ticket by the traditional way as it is by standing in the que.

Irctc ticket counter ticket is also not so easy to get it. You have to stand / sleep full day / night some time to get a ticket.
Best of lock if you get it. Be safe while traveling in the train in this Covid -19 situation. Ensure you follow all the rules and regulations by Government and take extra caution while travel in the crowd.
How to get OTP for Irctc ticket booking ? You can check the mobile no correctly in all the places while booking irctc ticket. Go to your profile and check the mobile no. 

1. You may be using very old user if which may have the different mobile no. Once you have corrected the mobile no I am sure you will get the OTP surely. 

2. If still you have the problem then call the IRCTC customer care no and explain all your problems related to OTP. As it is an automate process of getting the OTP they can check it out if they are authorized. 

3. Create a new user id by giving the different email id and mobile no to ensure to get the OTP.

I am sure you will get it. Hope this is working for you . Kindly share with your friends if they have such problems.

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