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Irctc Ticket Booking faster - OTP not coming - Issue Solved

Irctc Ticket Booking - Irctc OTP not coming
Irctc ticket booking was never easy from the day one, and now it is also a very difficult task for a common man to book a train ticket faster. Irctc general ticket booking opens at 8.00 am every day. As per the instructions form Government, the general ticket can be booked just before one month if the tickets are available.
Check the train stations running in Covid 19 / Lockdown period.
See all Covid-19 special trains Check Here
Know which train running in covid 19, Covid 19 Special Train ticket booking,  How to book the irctc train ticket quicker and faster ?
1. You can use the speed computer ensure all the programs are been closed. 2. Ensure you have a good internet speed. 3. You can use the google extension (Tatkal ticket booking SoftwareDo Not Use)  4. Fill the details as you need. 5. Payment gateway selection also can be done by this google extension.
Irctc OTP not coming, How to book ticket without OTP ?
Here is the catch / clue by the Irctc itsel…
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Windows 10 Password Forgotten , How to reset Windows 10 Password ?

Windows 10 Password Forgotten , How to reset Windows 10 Password ?
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you will get common prompt.
Just follow the process as given below : 
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How to get online government permission / Registration to go from any Karnataka state to your home in lockdown ?

Out station or state pass permission from Karnataka, Bangalore !
Are youworried to go to your home town ? Are you in Karnataka / Bangalore somewhere and want to travel to other state ? Are you looking for how to go to other state from Karnataka / Bangalore ?
Travel from Karnataka / Bangalore in Lockdown Covid 19

How to go to Odisha from Karnataka in lockdown ? How to go to Andra Pradesh from Karnataka in lockdown ? How to go to Arunachal Pradesh from Karnataka in lockdown ? How to go to Bihar from Karnataka in lockdown Covid 19 ? How to go to Chhattisgarh from Karnataka in lockdown Covid 19 ? How to go to Goa from Karnataka in lockdown Covid 19 ? How to go to Gujarat from Karnataka in lockdown Covid 19 ? How to go to Haryana from Karnataka in lockdown Covid 19 ? How to go to Odisha / Orissa from Karnataka in lockdown Covid 19 ? How to go to Delhi from Karnataka in lockdown Covid 19 ? How to go to Rajasthan from Karnataka in lockdown Covid 19 ? How to go to Maharashtra from Karnataka in lockdown Co…

When the train will start after the lockdown - Covid 19

Coronavirus is make all over the world lockdown. Most of the country is been locked down by the respective governments. There is no Train, Bus and Flight to travel any where in the country or to outside the country. Considering the Covid 19 situation all most all the states are started lockdown for the Coronavirus effect.
Now the question is how to travel ? How to go to my state ? When the lockdown will over ? When the train will start ? How to register to travel other state in India ? How to get permission to travel to other state ? Private travel arrangement for other state ?
Here is the answers :
The Train is already started from Delhi to different states by nonstops journey. But unfortunately you may not get the ticket as there is very rush. You can book the ticket by visiting to for e ticket booking. The counter ticket is not available for this. This is the special train and you must know about the times of your arrival and deparcher station by the railway authorit…

Corana Virus live update and support Covid-19

COVID - 19 Support 
You can get all type of help and support regarding Covid - 19 here, We do update all aspect of covid 19 data from India, 
There could be multiple problem regarding Covid-19, We can support as per your needs, here are few problems listed below.
1. Health issue 2. Food Problem 3. Transportation  4. Hospitality 5. Communication Issue 6. Financial support 7. Family 8. Quarantine 9. Covid 19 mask 10. Corana Medicine
You can find all type of update and support regarding the above listed issue. We ensure to help you as earliest on the above list of issues as well beeing. Photo - Utkal Samaja Foundation